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My name is Stanislav Panin, I am a scholar interested in the study of contemporary forms of spirituality, philosophy of culture, psychological roots of religion, and social functions of religion and esotericism. I am also fascinated with programming and data science and explore intersections between humanities and new technologies.

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  1. Soviet Atlantis: Between Science Fiction and Esoteric Communities
    Literary History, vol. 52, no. 171, p. 123-147, 2020
  2. Alternative Spiritualities in Russia during the Conflict in Ukraine
    Religion During the Russian-Ukrainian Conflict. Routledge, 2019
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Computers and the Plato's cave

Created 2022-12-05 #technology

From the early days of personal computers, they were used as a metaphor for the esoteric reality that resembles Renaissance visions of Hermetic universe. This metaphor emerged, at least in part, because computers themselves were a product of esoteric imagination. However, do they still have this emancipatory esoteric power?


Bibliography of Ioan Couliano

Created 2021-05-29 #esoterica

This post includes a selected and annotated bibliography of books by Ioan Petru Couliano (Culianu) (1950 – 1991). I focus primarily on books attempting to provide a better sense of continuity within Coulianos corpus by highlighting connections between different texts.


Castaneda and the Soviet Union

Created 2020-07-31 #esoterica

For some, popularity of Carlos Castaneda in Soviet and post-Soviet esoteric milieu comes as a surprise. In this post, I will try to briefly discuss reasons for popularity of Castaneda in Russia and a way in which his works were adopted in post-Soviet context.


Digital Projects

Interactive tools in this section are aimed to facilitate learning, research, and teaching history of philosophy, religion, and esotericism.

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A collection of timelines of the history of religion, philosophy, and esotericism that might be helpful for students and scholars.