Privacy Policy

Updated: 13 Jan. 2022

A fundamental principle of operation of this website is to ensure private and secure user experience. This website is created with a strong conviction that personal information belongs to users and not to marketing agencies, web platforms, or governments.


In order to provide certain essential functunality, e.g. to save language preferences in order to provide users with proper versions of webpages, we use cookies. We use cookies solely for technical purposes. We do not install any third-party cookies and do not use cookies to track visitors. Whenever we choose to use cookies the use of cookies is not related to any personally identifiable information.

Server Logs

As it is the case for the majority of websites in the internet, this website keeps server logs. The logs are used exclusively to ensure proper functioning of this website, e.g. to keep track of occuring errors and pages with slow response, time and fix them. The logs we keep in a normal course of operation do not contain any personally identifiable information; we have neither means nor desire to connect the server logs we store with natural persons.


Please, be aware that this website features hyperlinks to external resources. Although we do our best to make sure that hyperlinks on this website are safe, we provide no warranty and take no responsibility for the content of other websites that you can visit after using a hyperlink. Privacy practices of external websites are regulated by their respective privacy policies to which you need to refer to for further details.

Privacy Policy Updates

We reserve the right to update this policy in the future. Whenever we do so, the date of the latest revision will be provided on this page together with the current version of the privacy policy.

No Warranty

While we do our best to make this website useful and ensure privacy, no technology is foolproof. The service is provided as is and with no warranties, express, implied, or otherwise, to the extent permited by applicable law.

Useful Resources

Many people and organizations work to make the ineternet a safer and better place. If you want to learn more about your digital rights and what you can do to make the internet better, please, consider visiting these websites (we are not affiliated with any of these resources):